7 Wonders City Islamabad Pricing Plan

The payment plan for 7 Wonders City Islamabad has been finalized by the developers. Commercial and residential sites are available for purchase. Customers can choose from a variety of sizes in both categories, depending on their demands and budget. Initially, a pre-launch payment plan was provided, however at the end of 2022, a new payment plan was disclosed to investors. The following are the details of each type of plot according to the most recent payment plan.

Pre-Launch Rates

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The Seven Wonders City is glad to offer a lifestyle residence in a location that is both as private as feasible and as convenient as possible. In addition, they offer a number of different plots for purchase, one of which is a 5 marla plot, which is perfect for individuals looking for a living space that is more condensed but still easy to navigate.

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Commercial Plots

In 7 Wonders City Islamabad, there are two types of commercial plots. Customers can pick between 4 marla and 8 marla plots based on their preferences. The following is the payment schedule for commercial plots. The cost of a 4 marla commercial site is 5,500,000, with a deposit of 550,000. Customers would have to pay a confirmation charge of 275,000 and a possession fee of 555,000. Each monthly installment is worth 50,000, while a half-yearly installment is worth 215,000. If a consumer wishes to buy eight marla plots, the total cost will be 11,000,000. The booking charge is 1,100,000, with a confirmation fee of 550,000. They’d have to pay a possession fee of 1110,000. Each monthly installment is worth 100,000, while a biennial installment is worth 430,000. There are 48 monthly installments in all, with an additional eight biannual installments. The terms of the additional cost are the same as for residential plots.

Residencial Plots

In 7 Wonders City, there are three different types of residential plots. Customers can choose from plots measuring 5 marla, 7 marla, or 10 marla. The overall cost of a 5 marla plot is 1,850,000, with a 185,000 down payment. This plot size has a confirmation cost of 92,500. Customers can choose between paying monthly or biannually for their installments. Each monthly installment is worth 12,950  , while each biannual installment is worth 97,125. The price of a 7 marla plot is 2,510,000, with a 251,000 PKR down payment. The consumer would have to pay a 125,500 confirmation fee. Each monthly installment is worth 17,570  do, while each biannual installment is worth 131,775. The cost of possession is 378,500. For 3,500,000, a client can own a 10-marla plot in 7 Wonders City. It requires a down payment of 350,000 and a confirmation fee of 175,000. Each monthly installment is worth 24,500, while a half-yearly installment is worth 525,000. All three types of plots have a total of 40 monthly installments, but biennial plots have only 8. As a result, clients can select them at their leisure. Customers should be aware that corner plots will incur a 10% surcharge, road-facing plots will incur a 5% surcharge, park-facing plots will incur a 5% surcharge, and so on.

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